CM Rupani advertised for these children, assistance of Rs 1500 per student

By | 28/03/2020
Gandhinagar: A core committee meeting was chaired by the CM and Deputy CM at Gandhinagar. CM Vijaybhai Rupani, who has gone to his home in the state’s ashram schools, Diyasang hostels of the Samaras hostel and the child protection house in the lockdown, declared the corona virus. He has announced a grant of Rs 1500 per student for the expenses of April.
●An important decision was taken at a core committee meeting chaired by CM Vijay Rupani and Deputy CM Nitin Patel. The Chief Minister announced in detail that the children belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backpunches and non-reserved classes in the state, who live and study in hostels, ashram schools. He will be given regular food assistance by the state government.
●In the current state of lockdown, these children have moved into their homes or have shifted. An estimated 3 lakh 25 thousand children will be given Rs 1500 for assistance during April. In addition, CM Rupani made another sensitive decision. The Government will also provide 1,500 such assistance in April in the current lockdown in the state of lockdown in the state.
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