Job Finding Youth For ? Modi Cabinet The Most Big Decision Full Details 2020

By | 19/08/2020
Now a country one exam Job Finding Youth For ? Modi Cabinet The Most Big Decision Full Details 2020

A big decision has been taken in the Modi cabinet for the students of the country

● Major decisions were taken in the Modi cabinet today
● One country one exam announcement for students now
● Announced by the National Recruitment Agency
 Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said in a cabinet briefing that the National Recruitment Agency has been announced in the Union Cabinet.  This will make the recruitment process easier
Declaration of National Recruitment Agency
 The central government has given very good news for the youth in search of jobs.  In today’s meeting, the Modi cabinet has approved a proposal to set up a national recruitment agency.  Under this, tests will be conducted twice a year and one thousand examination centers will be set up.  These centers will be set up at the district headquarters.  Age will not be relaxed.  The fee waiver will remain the same.  The internal examinations will be held in 12 languages.  The National Recruitment Agency will be headquartered in Delhi.  Students will also save money from exams, they will not have to run around much
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