List of Prime Minister Housing Schemes New PMAY (Rural + Urban) Listing 2020

By | 07/04/2020
The Prime Minister is aiming to provide housing to all by 2020 under the Housing Scheme. This is an ambitious project of the Modi government. To meet this goal, a number of schemes were launched in 2018 by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. Under this, 1 crore houses are expected to be built by 2020. And the target is to start work on the first 10 million homes.
List of Prime Minister Housing Schemes New PMAY (Rural + Urban) Listing 2020
We all know that many families are being provided financial assistance or housing under the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme. The scheme is implemented for rural and urban areas. In this article, we will learn how you can view the list of beneficiaries of the Mantri Awas Yojana Rural and Mantri Awas Yojana online. It is well-known that the list of the Prime Minister’s housing schemes, mentioned in this article, is for both rural and urban areas.
If you have applied for any benefit under your rural housing scheme, you will get the same benefit if your application is accepted. And if your application for an urban area is considered successful then your name is your name in the Urban Housing Plan list. The list of beneficiaries has been prepared for which applications are accepted. Fortunately, the list of housing plans can be viewed online in a few moments.
List of Prime Minister Housing Schemes (Rural, Urban)
Friends, we want to let you know that the people who have applied for the scheme will be on the list of the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme, whether it is from rural or urban area!
If you haven’t applied yet, do so soon. It has happened many times that you do not have the money to build a house so the government has started a scheme for getting a loan under the Prime Minister Housing Scheme, under which you can get home loan and subsidy and get benefits under the PM’s housing scheme.
Friends, let us tell you that this list is very easy to see. If you are sitting at home and have internet then we will tell you some steps and by following those steps you will see the list of PM accommodation plan.
Ways to see the name of a rural housing scheme:
Now let’s understand how to view the list online. Interested readers are requested to read all the information carefully.
  • First, go to the Official Portal of Housing Scheme Rural (Portal:
  • Enter your registration number
  • Note: After applying you will get this registration number.
Ways to see the name of an urban housing scheme:

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