Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat 2024: Benefits, Eligibility, How to Apply

Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat:- The budget for the financial year 2024–25 was presented by Gujarat’s Finance Minister, Kanubhai Desai, before the state assembly on 2nd February 2024 in the state. The Finance Minister announced several new initiatives, including the Namo Lakshmi Yojana, during his budget speech. The purpose of the Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat was to assist the state of Gujarat’s financially precarious female students.

With the help of this program, financially struggling female students will be able to afford high-quality education. All teenage female students in the state of Gujarat are qualified to receive the program’s benefits. The application can be completed by candidates on the official website. Read below to check the detailed information related to Gujarat Namo Lakshmi Scheme.

Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat 2024

The Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat was introduced by Gujarat state finance minister Mr. Kanubhai Desai. Adolescent girls have a crucial role to play in the development of an educated and healthy society because they will be the mothers of the next generation of citizens. The Gujarat state government will give financial support to teenage girls in the state under this Yojana. Adolescent girls will be able to finish their education up to class 12 without worrying about money thanks to financial aid.

Through high-quality education, this scheme will empower women in the state of Gujarat. The chosen applicant will receive INR 50,000 in financial support over 4 years under this scheme. To be eligible for Namo Lakshmi Yojana benefits, all applicants who meet the qualifying requirements must complete the online application form on the official website.

Gujarat Namo Lakshmi Scheme Details in Highlights

NameNamo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat
Initiated  byGovernment of Gujarat
Introduced byGujarat’s finance minister, Mr. Kanubhai Desai
BeneficiariesAdolescent female students  
ObjectiveTo provide financial assistance to Adolescent female students of Gujarat
Official website

Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat Objective

This program’s primary goals are to boost enrollment, lower dropout rates, and enhance the nutritional health of young teenage females. Furthermore, the state will be able to accomplish universal enrollment in secondary school through the execution of this program, just as it has accomplished universal enrollment in primary education. The government has proposed allocating ₹1250 crore for this initiative in 2024–2025.

Scheme Assistance Amount

To guarantee that girls receive sufficient and high-quality nourishment, healthcare, and education, the government came up with the Namo Lakshmi Yojana. Girls enrolled in classes 9 and 10 will receive ₹10,000 annually under this initiative, and those enrolled in classes 11 and 12 will receive ₹15,000. Adolescent females enrolled in private and government-funded institutions in grades 9 through 12 would get ₹50,000 for their four years of schooling.

Features & Benefits of Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat

Some of the key features and benefits of the Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat are as follows:

  • The Government of Gujarat initiated the Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat
  • The Gujarat finance minister presented this yojana during the state’s representation of the Union budget.
  • The primary goal of the scheme is to give teenage girls financial support so they can pursue their education without fear of running out of money
  • The Gujarat state government will provide financial help to the qualified candidates under this Yojana.
  • The Gujarat state government will empower women residents by offering high-quality education.
  • The state government would pay the chosen applicants INR 500 each month while they are enrolled in classes 9 and 10.
  • The state government would pay the chosen applicants INR 750 per month while they are enrolled in classes 9 and 10.
  • The applicants can receive a top-notch education with this programme without having to worry about money problems.
  • The chosen applicant’s bank account will receive a direct transfer of funds from the Yojana.

Implementation Procedure

  • Only the state of Gujarat will be able to use the Namo Lakshmi Scheme.
  • By offering high-quality education, the program would empower women in the state of Gujarat.
  • This program is open to all financially insecure women who wish to pursue higher education.
  • Only female students in the state of Gujarat are eligible to apply for the Namo Lakshmi Gujarat 2024.

Eligibility Criteria for Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat

The applicants applying for the scheme must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • The candidate must be Gujarat’s permanent resident
  • The candidate needs to be a female student.
  • In Gujarat state, the candidate must be enrolled in any government-run or government-aided school.
  • The candidate age must be between 13 to 18 years old
  • The candidate must come from a household where income is uncertain.
Required Documents

Some of the important documents required for yojana are as follows:

  • Domicile certificate
  • Aadhar card
  • Birth certificate
  • Previous year marksheet
  • Caste certificate
  • Income proof

Application Process for Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat

The Government of Gujarat has recently introduced the Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat. The government has not yet published the official website for this; however, the government will do so shortly. We will update this post as soon as there is a fresh update on this plan.


Government of Gujarat Website.

Customer Care

  • Contact Details of Gujarat Namo Lakshmi Yojana will be released soon by the concerned department of Gujarat Government.

Information Brochure

Gujarat Namo Lakshmi Yojana Guidelines.


What is the official website to apply for Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat?

The government has not yet published the official website for Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat

When was Namo Lakshmi Yojana Gujarat introduced?

The Yojana was introduced on February 2, 2024, during the state budget announcement for Gujarat.

What is the benefit that the Yojana beneficiaries will receive?

To finish their degree, the Yojana’s chosen applicants will receive financial aid.