New Passport Will be made in a week, follow these steps

New Passport Will be made in a week, follow these steps: Indian passports are not issued to applicants born outside India. However, if one of your parents was a citizen of India at the time of your birth and got citizenship through the Government of India, it can be a passport here
The process of making a passport is easy. If the required documents are properly submitted and all the checking has been done, the passport will take at least a week before you arrive. Passport can be made in 2 types by going to the office of one passport and the other by applying online. 
Apply for passport creation by:
Online Registration:
– If you do not want to go to the Portsport Center and want to save your precious money, you can use the ‘Online Appointment System’. Download and complete the form and attach the e-copy of the required documents and upload it to the portal.
– You will also need to submit an e-form for police verification. Aadhaar card, water ID, PAN card and no criminal history affidavit should be submitted when applying online. 
– The incoming notification on your mobile carries an app reference number and appointment number. All documents are required to be accompanied by original copies on appointment. To Apply Online – 
Go to the Passport Office:
– Apart from this you will go to the Passport Services Center and submit the documents by filling in the form there. After this you will have to spend a long time there after going to several desks. You will then be notified of the appointment. Your fingerprint, eye print, as well as photographs are e-copied and stored on the computer. Maybe there is a problem with the document, you may need to go again.
Biometrics tests for children too:
– For all applicants (including those online) including children at present, this test is required to go to the passport office for his biometrics (fingerprint) and photo session. 
Passport Creation Fee:
– To make a passport, you have to pay the fee along with the application. It varies from 1500 to 2000 rupees. You can cash in or demand a passport service center name or fill out a debit-credit card. If any kind of penalty seems to be required then the cash has to be deposited. If you want immediate passport then you have to pay extra for it. 

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Updated: 01/09/2020 — 5:53 AM

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