SBI made big announcement in the midst of Corona crisis

By | 29/03/2020
SBI made big announcement in the midst of Corona crisis.
Sitting at home will now get these essential features over the phone.
Coronavirus cases are on the rise in the country. In view of this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also announced a lockdown in the country. All banks are also asking for digital transactions for people’s transactions and other services, so that they do not need to branch out. Now the State Bank of India (SBI) has launched a new facility for customers, allowing them to get balance and deposit information in their bank account at home. The bank has introduced an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facility for it. It can be done in five easy steps.
Use 5 steps
> The first thing you need to do is call the bank’s customer contact center at 1800-425-3800 or 1800-11-2211. 
>> Then choose the right language for you.
>> Then select 1 for your registered base number service.
>> Then you have to re-select number 1 for your balance and last five transactions. >> Finally select number 1 to get information through IVR and select number 2 to get information via SMS.
This feature is only available for Savings or Current Account, which is operated by one person. In addition, your account must be active, your mobile number must be registered as a single account holder.
Special Safety Tips on ATMs
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State Bank of India on Twitter has asked its customers to take some precautions to use ATMs. According to the bank, if someone else is present at the ATM center and he is using the ATM, do not go to the center. In addition, use a sanitizer before going to an ATM. It is always necessary to use them.

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