Shoppers are charging higher prices at Lockdown, instead of complaining about sitting at home By News Check

There is a lockdown nationwide until April 14 due to the Corona virus. Frightened people are buying goods and filling them in their homes so that they do not have to face trouble in the coming days.
In many places shoppers have started to take advantage of this opportunity. Manma Tax is being levied with consumers. If you too are facing this problem, the government can file a complaint at home.
The easiest way to make a complaint
You can complain about consumer issues online by going to
You can file a complaint again by calling Consumer Toll Free Number 14404 ie 1800-11-4000.
Consumer can complain by sending an SMS to 130009809. After receiving the SMS, the consumer will be called and complained.
Do you have the right
The right to security means the right to access the right goods and services. If an item or service is dangerous to a consumer’s life and property, they have the right to protection against it.
The information officer, ie the consumer, has the right to know about the quality, quantity, strength, purity, standard and cost of the goods and services. That means, if a shopper or supplier and the company does not give you the correct information about the goods or goods, you can make a case against them.
Consumers have the right to choose the goods and services. It can select the service or item of your choice. No consumer shall be obliged to avail of any special goods and services.
The government has a look
If a shopkeeper charges Manama by trading goods, then the government is in the mood to take strict action. According to Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan, such people are being monitored by the government and action will also be taken when the need arises. 
If Modi government can’t stop CORONA, there will be 13 lakh cases in India in May, hold US pattern
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Ramvilas Paswan said that the government is constantly monitoring the market availability of all the essential items in the corona situation. At the same time, the government is in touch with all the states so that nothing can be faulty anywhere. Appeal to all manufacturers and traders to avoid profiteering in the moment.
Updated: 29/03/2020 — 4:32 AM

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