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By | 01/05/2020

General Chat Chat Lounge According to the above topic, students are allowed to drop out of school due to coronavirus. This academic work of the students is closed during this period. In view of this situation, various efforts have been made by the Gujarat Education Department to maintain the academic work of the students.

For example, e-books have been provided to 7th in students through education through local Gujarati channel, WhatsApp and social media. To further this endeavor to increase the academic work of the students of class 1 to 8.

 Home study

Every Saturday a weekly learning material is organized by the BRCCRC Coordinator through “Study from Home” to deliver the students to the parents. Which runs from Saturday to Saturday. By the way, the BRCC RC Co-ordinator will be provided by WhatsApp / Social Media in which the students will complete the task given by Saturday respectively.

In order to complete her work in a week, the literature states that the parent must study at home with her child and make special efforts to make this “Study from Home” campaign a success.

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Under the “Study from Home” campaign, students are encouraged to try to connect with parents through social media, WhatsApp, and BRCC co-aud directors, principals and teachers to teach students to connect with parents under the “Contact from Home” campaign. Get involved in their academic work through “study from home” in time.

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