Under Ground Pipe Line

By | 23/03/2020
Agricultural Product Marketing Committee, Mahuva was established in 1858.
This application provides various kinds of report for Item, Farmer, Agent based on Inward Entries captured on gate of APMC Mahuva Marketing Yard.
Application also provides various notifications on occasions and get user up to date with the events.
The Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Mahuva was established in 1858 by a local lawyer named Shree Jugaldas Mehta. The APMC was established for the purpose of regulating the marketing of different kinds of Agricultural Produce. A.P.M.C. was primarily set up to cater to the marketing needs of the farmers and provide them a platform for selling agricultural produce in various markets and at competitive prices. It is spread across 90 bighas of land. Mahuva and its surrounding villages are best known for its onion production in India. The region is the largest produces of white onions and second largest producer of red onions in the country. Therefore Onion is the largest trading commodity in Mahuva
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A.P.M.C. Peanuts, cotton and Coconuts are also major trading commodities of this market. In fact it is the only A.P.M.C of the state where coconuts are officially traded.

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